To Poland and Back

Hi Folks, I’m back online and finally ready to speak about one of the most challenging periods of my life. The last 12 months were very difficult, I had two bike accidents followed by the onset of post-traumatic depression, and to top it all off, my relationship ended. In short; I had fallen apart.

This meant that I needed to take some time off from online life for a while and go back to Poland to catch a breath, see my family and figure out where to go from there.


Even though Australia has been my home for last 10 years, I felt homesick like never before and all I wanted was to be around my family and to 'be Polish' again.

So I took one month off and headed back to Poland. The time off I spent in my homeland was the cure that my soul so desperately needed. The time I spent with my family and friends gave me the strength to carry on and be happy again.

What I’ve been up to ...

Heaps! I've kept myself very busy - there were so many things to do, places to go and people to see…

I spent time with my parents and sister - we travelled to all sorts of places across Poland, visiting all the landmarks, eating, drinking and having a good time (the time we had together was priceless). 


In between I couldn’t miss out on the Blues Festival in Olsztyn (a must do when you’re in Poland!) It was the perfect opportunity to catch up with mates and listen to some of my favourite bands.

I kissed Niemen (polish legend) …and I liked it!


The next highlight was the trial training with Akademia Enduro in Gliwice. I had been looking forward to this course for a long time. The chance to ride a trial bike was fantastic and really challenging, I absolutely fell in love with trial bikes and will share the whole story with you in my next post.


After the course it was time to bring out the big guns - BMW Motorrad Polska kindly let me use their R1200GS for my stay in Poland! So for the very first time I had a chance to explore my homeland on a GS! 


My first destination on the GS – a motorcycle rally in Gizycko. This event always will have a special place in my heart – as it was the very first rally I attended as a teenager in ’98. Afterwards life was never the same again :) It's always a great opportunity to make friends with those who share the same level of passion for motorcycles. This year I had a little reunion with my close mates from the event – it was just like the good old days but we’re much older and responsible now ;)


The rest of my time in Poland involved shenanigans with my friends; riding through forests and farmlands in Suwalszyzna and Mazury, camping, sleeping under the stars everywhere and anywhere I could– on a boat, pontoon and even under a doggy kennel! 


For the grand finale I was asked by BMW to do a presentation on my travels around Australia. It was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to but it also meant facing my fear of public speaking. I have no problem talking about concrete and trucks (at work!) but I find it very hard to talk about myself to a big crowd.

So did I have anxiety throughout my holidays about the presentation? Hell yeah! But was it worth it? Absolutely! ‘cause it turned out it wasn’t that scary after all. Thank you BMW Motorrad Polska and Inchcape Motor for organising the event and to all peeps who showed up – thanks for listening!


New Beginning

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Now I begin a new chapter of my life, similarly to how 10 years ago I was catching a plane to Australia to start my new life. A month ago I was completely lost and terrified about my future ... but now I know this time is different; I have bunch of great friends that I can always rely on, understanding and supportive employers who offered me a new exciting role and last but certainly not least: YOU! My online friends and supporters who I love to share my stories with.




Bikes save our sanity. Went through major changes in 2014/15. Wife left me and moved back to the USA after living in Vancouver, BC for 18 years. I missed my family for sure and it's good to be back closer but I miss BC in my heart. Riding saved me from the dark side and it sounds like it has done the same for you. Ride on.

Thanks Leslie, hope everything worked out for you. Safe travels!

Kingo! Mam nadzieję, że mój komentarz się doda, mimo obecności polskich znaków. Ja słabo Ciebie znam, ale mówiąc o prezentacjach publicznych: opowiadałam o Tobie podczas mojego wystąpienia na studiach, dotyczącego motopodróżników. I było to w języku słoweńskim - dosłownie kilka zdań. Bardzo inspirujesz, nigdy się nie poddawaj i nie rezygnuj z pasji. LwG!

O mnie po slowiensku ... to tak sie da ? ;) dzieki bardzo za mile slowa.

Hi Kinga! In Australia there is nothing to be depressed about :) I can also call Australia home for the past 10 years. In one of my previous posts I wrote that you inspired me to get the BMW F800GSA and... my life separated to before and after :) At work, at my free time I sit and plan new trips and discover the off road maps. Anyway, I'm glad that you are back with full of energy! Keep on riding! I'll be waiting for the new posts from you. BTW, I used the information from your website when I just bought the bike and started riding, it was extremely useful. Tim

Hi Tim, great to hear that you found my posts helpful :) You can't go wrong with a GS! Safe travels

All the best for your future.

I know where you're coming from Kinga, six years ago I found I had lost all emotion and hadn't the capacity to feel anything at all, joy, fear, empathy.. Doctor diagnosed me with depression probably brought on by a bad break up, burn out from work and missing my friends in Europe, put me on antidepressants and suggested I get counselling, instead I bought a motorbike learnt to ride and never looked back, wouldn't give up riding for anything now, still in the honeymoon stage with my KTM 1190 Victoria after a year and a half. Stay the strong woman you are Kinga and keep riding to adventure and remember you have comrades on two wheels everywhere. Kris

Hi Kris, sounds like we went through similar experiences and we both found the same cure :) Keep riding and be happy so will I ;)

All the best to you ... you will make it, I am sure. And keep on posting inspiring storys, videos, picture ... the make me getting up my ass and discover with my BMW another windy road in the alps ... Thank you ! Kind regards from Germany !


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