2013 Red Scarf Rally

The ‘Red Scarf Rally,’ organised by Shirley and Lloyd from Illawarra Classic Motorcycle Club, was held for the 17th time. It was a pleasure participating again in the event and the perfect weather made it all the more enjoyable.

The rally is a social ride for veteran, vintage and classic bikes, but everyone is welcome.


Start: Kiama Harbour

Ride through (200km):

  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Kangaroo Valley
  • Fitzroy Falls (morning tea)
  • Moss Vale
  • Tourist Rd
  • Macquarie Pass
  • Shellharbour

Meet for lunch at Sporties Club (Shellharbour) and to vote in the ‘Best in Category’ competition.

Meet again at Sporties for dinner, raffles and to find out who the winners are in this year.

Thank you

This is the last time organising the Red Scarf for Shirley and Lloyd and we all thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put in for so many years.



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