Academy of Off Road Riding

The Academy of Off Road Riding was established in 1978 by Stephen Gall (multiple Australian Motorcross Champion) and has trained many elite dirt bike riders since. In 2001, Lyndon Heffernan (Australian Pro Class Winner) took over and has continued teaching riders across Australia.

The aim of the academy is to teach anyone who wants to enjoy the freedom of 'dirt biking' how to ride smoothly and safely on track or trail! The academy offers trail and enduro rider training, as well as adventure rider training courses, at various locations around Australia.

Was blind, but now I see

I'm a convert. Well, to training courses anyway ;)

The 2 day training course was held at a dirt bike training facility near Batemans Bay, NSW – a green and lush location out in the bush with a variety of riding tracks to suit all skill levels.

Adventure bike trainers Steve and Chris, and the owner of the Academy Lyndon

I took the “Adventure Rider Training” course, an essential introduction covering: breaking, cornering, steep hills, and even small logs.

Here's us learning how to turn a bike on a hill


The enduro riders had an entirely different approach to hills!

This course was an eye opener – it's changed my riding technique 180 degrees. Well, in reflection, I didn't really have a technique to start with, so I've just been riding the way I felt is right. I now see all the things I've been doing wrong, and could have been doing so much more easily! I wish I'd done this course years ago, and can't recommend it highly enough: just go.

At the end we were issued with a certificate … this is going straight to the pool room!

In terms of accommodation, some people stayed the night in town, while others (including yours truly) camped at the property (for free, cause that's how I roll). It's a nice, shady camp ground with a hot shower, plenty of firewood, and a swimming hole near by. Morning and afternoon tea was even provided – what else do you need!

Camping in the shade of trees

A fantastic organisation, with experienced, knowledgeable trainers, and a great way to meet fellow adventure riders!

Thank you Academy of Off Road Riding for having me at the training!



Video from the day:




Looks like a great course to do. Really enjoyed watching the video.

Whata greate fun I have to find something similar in the UK Pozdrawiam :p

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