Australian Blues Music Festival – Goulburn (NSW)

Let's go surfing ...

I’ve been meaning to go to the 'Goulburn Blues Fest' for years … and I finally did!

Having made the decision at the the last moment meant that all accommodation in town was booked out, and with all thecamping options way out of town, I decided to try something different: something called “Couchsurfing” ...

Well … to a degree … you see, I've invented a new form called “backyard surfing”! I contacted Rita from Goulburn and simply asked if she would let me set up a tent, and park my bike, in her backyard. Thank you Rita for your kind hospitality!

Nothing but The Blues…

I’ve been a big fan of The Blues since my teens and so I was very pleased to see that, unlike some more commercial 'Blues Fests,' Goulburn Blues Festival is all about The Blues! This free event featured shows across 10 venues, but all within walking distance of each other, as well as buskers on nearly on every corner and a market in the park ~ fun times!

It was great to see The Blues alive and well in the heart of this historic town, and to hear so many talented musicians perform. For me, the highlights of Saturday night were:

  • Dreamboogie – with the absolutely amazing stage presence of Rebecca Davey … great energy, voice, and apowerful performance!

  • The Foreday Riders – one of the oldest traditional blues bands in Australia, having been on stage for 47 years.Their experience and depth of musicianship shone through.

  • Minnie Marks – a young, up-and-coming star, with a soulful, acoustic vibe – watch this space!

Overall, brilliant bands, a fantastic atmosphere, and great people. I'll definitely be back, and I'll stay longer next time!

In Numbers

Total Kms: 440 km

Fuel cost: $28

Accomodation cost: $0

Festival fee: $0


Great to meet you Kinga!

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