On the banks of two rivers


Finally – spring in the homeland! It’s warmer and not so wet, so finally on my week off back in NSW I kicked off for a ride with my mate Greame.  The destination was as our preferred South Cost again.

Shallow Crossing

After a coastal ride to Milton, we headed off to Shallow Crossing for bit off road riding. Even after the recent rain, the roads were in a pretty good condition and cruising through lush green paddocks and bushes was a pure joy. At the end we reached Shallow crossing – an interesting river crossing, because even though the ocean was a fair bit away, during the high tide, salt water comes all the way in here leaving the road 0.6m under water. Luckily, the moment we were crossing the Clyde River the current was running towards the ocean which meant that the salt water could get my brand new chain this time!

For the night we set up camp at The Shallow Crossing Camp Ground - a privately run place situated right on the banks of the river. There is plenty of grass, fireplaces available and most importantly, in such unpredictable weather, shelters!

After the night rain we woke up in a kind of mysterious scene – it was dark, foggy, gloomy and, well, pretty much dark. A strange feeling first thing in the morning …

Kangaroo Valley

On the next day some nice twisty roads took us to Kangaroo Valley. As expected, on a weekend, Kangaroo Valley was pretty crowded.

We made a stopover for lunch at the famous Kangaroo Valley Pie Shop, and gees do they do some damn good pies!

Next up, we headed off to Bendeela camping area. Fire is not allowed but, and it was pretty crowded, but then again … it’s free camping on the banks of the Kangaroo Valley River.

There were a few wombats that didn’t seem to mind the crowd at all ... one of them stepped on my foot while it made its way directly through our dinner table ... “well excuse me mate, I’m sorry my chair and I are in your way”!

A few camping buddies joined us that night – a great night full of laugher, including making pancakes at midnight and taking long-exposure photos of the galaxy!


This is awesome bike. It look very strong and convinient. Wish I own one :)

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