To Brisbane and Back

Sydney to Brisbane

Any reason is a good reason to go riding – and the further the better!

This time I had to be in Brisbane for work-related training so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take the long way up: my aim was to explore inland back-roads and do as much ‘dirt’ as possible in the 2.5 days I had free to get there each way.

As I was leaving Sydney I hadn’t really thought through the route I’ll be taking, so I grabbed a map and picked some inland roads at random looking for a bit of a challenge … aaaaaaand leave it to me to pick the roads that would lead through not on 1, not 2, but 21 creek crossings!


The route from Ellerston to Barry lead through Glenrock Station, a property with 21 creek crossings within 15km. And by about the 7th crossing I was thinking to myself: “what the hell am I doing here?!”

Up to this point in my adventuring riding escapades, I had probably crossed 5 shallow rivers in total. Well, 2 hours later I had a few more added to my record (to say the least). As they say “if it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger” and I’m glad to be writing this, stronger than ever!

Just before the Queensland border fellow adventurer Stuart Ball (of Great Australian Ride fame)   joined me for the rest of the ride to Brisbane. This time he led, and off we went through unknown tracks, river crossings & corn fields. I must admit Stuart is very, very quick – I didn’t even bother trying to keep up with him! It was a great to catch up with Stuart and share tips, as well as our passion for riding.

Brisbane to Sydney

With the training in Brisbane done, I was back on my bike and looking for different roads and different adventures to lead me home. And by different, I mean roads with a distinctive lack of creeks ;)

The highlights of this somewhat easier trip back were:

  • Clarence Way from Tabulam to Copmanhurst: dirt/bitumen with a few brilliant camping spots on the way
  • Old Grafton Road: scenic dirt road along the Boyd River with a historic tunnel
  • Gloucester Tops Road: through the rainforests of Barrington Tops National Park
  • … and my favourite one: a bit of dirt road from Rouchel Brook to Dowsons Hill (North of Singleton), adding some challenge with some steep, rocky climbs (rewarded with magnificent views!)

In Numbers:

Duration: 2.5 days each way

Total km’s: 2900km

Fuel cost: $200

Accommodation: Camping for 4 nights- FREE



I reckon the best photo is where you are with the boys and girls and they have brought out their bikes very happy crowd, quite moving Kinga!

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