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Perfect Camping in Pilbara

I’m in still in Pilbara and still in love with this region.

I recently went back to Cleaverville, but this time I was lucky with the weather and picked the most perfect spot … right next to the ocean where, oddly enough, the sand was firm enough to hold the pegs for my tent.

The beach I camped on was rocky & rough, not as nice as the soft, sandy beaches of Sydney, but with a character all its own. I spent the afternoon “beach rock climbing” and basically carried on like I was a kid again!

I then joined some fellow campers around their bonfire and watched the sun set over the ocean, a sight made all the more beautiful by the silhouette of my bike in the background (it was an emotional moment for me – after few beers).

I slept under the stars – well, sort of, it was under a mosquito net, but I could still see the stars … either way, an unreal, unforgettable experience: by far the best camping trip I've ever had!

A few weeks later - in searching of adventure – I went to Balla Balla (turn of Whim Creek) – a brilliant spot for fishing (apparently). There were no toilets, no shade, just an open space right next to a somewhat desolate ‘delta’ like body of water full of mangroves – it was sort of cool in a wasteland kind of way. But after it got dark it became an absolutely magnificent place … I found myself surrounded by stars from horizon to horizon.

So again, basic camping spots (but I prefer it that way) and amazing scenery … still loving Western Australia!

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Awesome stuff. :)

Awesome stuff. Good thing you weren't caught by rising tide when you camped by the mangroves. Keep enjoying The Big Adventure. :)

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