The Gear That Saved My Life

As I detailed in my last article, I came off my bike at 100 km/h and rolled and slid on bitumen for about 70m, yet walked away with only a fractured wrist and a few bruises.

I have no doubt that the gear I was wearing prevented me from sustaining more serious injuries, and perhaps even saved my life.

This isn’t to say that the gear I’ve listed below is the only / best gear out there, but my general advice based on experience (I’ve had a major accident once before) is this:


For the curious, during the accident I was wearing:

  • BMW Rallye jacket and pants – wear and tear on each protector, some bruises on my backside and left knee
  • BMW System 6 helmet – minor scratches to the helmet, no injury at all to my face, head or spine
  • BMW GS Rallye 2 Gloves – No damaged to gloves, but I wonder if ‘higher’ gloves with wrist protectors would have prevented me from the wrist injury?
  • Forma Adventure Boots –few scratches visible on the boots, no foot / ankle injury



If you want to play, you have to pay... Glad your gear worked out for you.

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