The Inaugural NSW “GS Girls” Ride

Jo Rust from South Africa created the GS Girls forum on Facebook in 2014. Inspired by this, Andrea Walloschek, a Sydney-sider, set about creating a female riding group in NSW, and what a better way to start a riding group than to go riding!

Andrea sent out a few invites to like-minded adventurers and so was born the local manifestation of “GS Girls”!

If you build it, they will come

Despite the wet weather, 7 female riders with 4 partners/friends showed up for the ride  - including yours truly, of course!

We met at 8am and headed off through Wiseman’s Ferry to St Albans for lunch (and a light beer). It turned out to be a great day; we all got along like a house on fire and there was no shortage of jokes, laughter and riding stories – and of course, a great ride in great company.

A big thankyou goes to Andrea for putting in the hard yards and creating Australian GS Girls.

Check out GS Girls on Facebook.

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