Millstream National Park

Bumpy Road to Heaven

To get to Millstream National Park from Karratha, I went the Tom Price way, which involved 60km of rocky, corrugated dirt road. I seriously thought I would end up with brain damage from all the bumps – still not entirely of the outcome there … but I have asked the imaginary friends I made along the way to investigate…

Millstream National Park is definitely a highlight of Pilbara and is one of the most significant indigenous cultural sites in northern WA. Apart from its spiritual importance for the Yindjibarndi people, the Fortescue River also provides water for local towns and villages.

There are a few camping grounds available. The most popular one is Millstream Homestead – with its normally unattended Visitors Centre, and a water tap! (I’m not sure about the quality for drinking but). There are plenty of designated parking spots for vans and caravans, but if you’re on a bike and not restricted by the need for a nice driveway, then there’s probably better places around the park for your tent.

The most impressive sight in Millstream is the Python Pool – a beautiful freshwater pool at the base of a cliff. Unfortunately camping  is no longer allowed but you can still go for a swim (if you like really, really cold water!).

For my two night stay at the park I crashed at Crossing Pool, a very cosy spot right next to a body of water. The place is well shaded by plenty of trees , right next to some BBQs, and even has a basic toilet. I picked a perfect patch of green grass to park on (a rare and precious sight in Pilbara) at the picnic area … still not too sure if that was permitted …

The rest of the weekend was a relaxed affair, with a bit of bush walking, a bit of riding, and a lot of lying about and recharging my batteries. Gotta love that.

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