New beginning …

It’s a New Year and I have a head full of new ideas and new plans for life. This year I’m leaving the past and all the bad memories with it behind in 2016 and am going to have a fresh start for 2017. This year is a new chapter in which I’m moving on and moving on to different continents …

Travelling on two wheels to Poland has been on the top of my bucket list for a long time now and this year is the perfect time to make this dream come true …

Is it easy to do so? No. It’s not easy to leave behind something that you already know and love so much. I’m leaving behind my friends that I am so deeply attached to, my job that I have so much passion for and of course my beloved Aussie land that I am so addicted to as a rider.

How can I afford it? Well as they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ as I’m now finally getting compensation from my head-on collision in 2015. So this is the moment when I say to myself 'now or never’!

How long am I going to be on the road? I don’t know. I'm going to travel until I run out of money and have to go back to work, but until then I hope to travel for at least 1.5 years.

Am I going to come back to Australia? I think so. I can’t imagine a better place to settle down, work and live. I haven’t left yet and I already miss it. But nothing is set in stone so who knows what will happen …

Am I scared? Hell yeah! I have so many doubts. I don’t know if I have the skills necessary to go through the more challenging areas I want to go through. I don’t know what I’m going to do if the bike breaks down - I can’t even change a tire on my own! I don’t know if I have good enough gear to camp in Mongolia in May when the temperature drops down to -10. I don’t know if I have enough of the required documentation to cross all the borders. My mind is full of doubts and fears. However, when I remember that I’m not the first person and won't be the last person to do this, it helps put my mind at ease. If others have done it there is no reason why I can’t, and I know that once I’m on the road everything will work out. I’ve got one life and I want to live it!

Are we there yet?

At this stage I can say that I’ll be travelling for about 1.5 years and hope I’ll be able to circumnavigate the globe during this time. But naming this trip the 'Round the World Tour' feels a bit overwhelming. This is why I’m naming it the ‘Are we the Yet?' tour– because I don’t know my final destination and it’s a great reference to my impatience!

So my plan for the first stage of the ‘Are we there yet’ tour is to ship my bike in April from Australia to South Korea and from there I’ll be catching a ferry to Vladivostok (in Russia). After that I will ride through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Southern and Eastern Europe to Poland. I’m planning to complete this stage in 4-5 months.

Then after a short rest in my homeland I will continue to … Africa :)

This trip isn't just about me seeing the world on a motorcycle, there is much more to it than that. Throughout my journey I will be raising money for a disabled child in Poland named Franek. Franek was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (weakness of the entire right side of the body). He requires rehabilitation for life, which costs approximately $10 000 – $15 0000 US a year. It may not sound like a lot, but for his parents (who are my close friends), these costs are quite a burden. 

Last but not least I'd like to say a big thank you to On Her Bike partners: BMW Motorrad Australia, Sena Bluetooth, Camel ADV Products, Outback Motortek, Forma Boots and Barkbusters Handguards for all your support through past years and for coming along for this ride as well :)

PS: I would highly appreciate any contacts along the way (for example; recommendations for accommodation, bike workshops or just awesome people!). You can get in touch with me via this website or any of my social media channels.
Also, if you're a GPS guru from Sydney and don't mind teaching a dummy like me please give me a shout! I badly need to learn how to use my GPS properly!'


Hi Kinga, that is some really hot news from you and Chillie! Wish you a wonderful Adventure. I'm sure you will get there :-)

Thanks Steffano :)

Hey, hey, hey Kinga, i´m sure you need an partner to travel this way.??? No,no, just kidding!! It´s an super project to make a ride from Korea to Poland. You will have some smallish envious bikers. I can understood your actually consider and fear. But an careful planning is the best condition, so you will have an good travel. You will make it, I´m sure.... You will travel through many countries - I think that about 99,999% all of the people of the world are good an peaceful loving, so that you will make the journey well. I will gladly participate in your journey by your blog. I wish you all the best - and also for Franek. With good thoughts.....and best wishes.... Josef P. from Germany (Bavaria, Langenzenn)

Hey, hey, hey Josef. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement :) I'm planning to stay in Poland over winter and visit Germany a couple of times so I may bump into you!

Hi there. hope you are ok. I just want to share with you the road religion, it was written by Francisco (AKA Goten in forum), maybe you can translate to Polish, that would be awesome! "Two months ago in Afghanistan the Road started to whisper in my ear; telling me what speed to go. Whenever I didn't listen, he made me slip and almost fall. They were just warnings to not go far from its word. Since then, from time to time the Road has whispered some messages to me about the Road of Life. I thought they were my own thoughts, but today in the intricate roads of Mongolia the Road started to talk for the first time. Am I going mad or has the sound of the engine opened my ears? The road has told me to follow him, and anyone who wants to follow His religion has to say 3 times (to avoid misunderstandings): "My bike is my wife, the Road is my religion" But this religion is not only for motorcycle travellers, it can be embraced by backpackers and cyclists too, they should say three times: "My backpack is my wife, the Road is my religion" or "My bicycle is my wife, the Road is my religion" This marriage with your travelling partner will last until death do you part. There's no divorce. But monogamy is not required, if you marry your motorcycle (backpack or bicycle) you can have other motorcycles (backpacks or bicycles). If you wish, you can marry several motorcycles (backpacks or bicycles), but don't do it lightly. Marriage is indissoluble; obsolescence, aging, malfunctions or economical problems are not excuses, only death will end it. This religion has many commandments, but they are simple and easy to follow, they will lead you safely and happily along your road: Listen to the Road, it tells you at what speed to go. Listen to the Road, it tells you what to do and when to do it. Listen to the Road, take happily what it offers you. Freedom is the ultimate human right, once you have it, you have all the others (for instance, How can someone who doesn't have food be free?). Water and women are gifts from heaven, never buy them (with the exception of the tap water at your home. If you need a bottle you can buy it, but only because you need the bottle to collect and carry water, not because you want to buy the water inside it). Your body needs energy (carbohydrates and sugar), bricks (proteins) and glue (vitamins). Give all this to your body and you will be in good condition to follow the road. Follow your Road with a smile in your face, and the Road will smile back at you. Don't ever fight evil with evil - a robber who robs a robber has a thousand years of bumpy Road. Your Road is your responsibility, don't blame others if you don't like it. Your Road is your responsibility, you may have taken a wrong turn, but inside yourself there's the strength to go back to the right road. Riding through the tracks of Mongolia is like the ride of life, there are many routes and it’s your responsibility to choose yours, there's no complaints book... so choose your route and enjoy the ride!! Don't go faster than the locals (this applies to driving, drinking and other things, but not to the opposite sex). Everyone has been put on this world to follow the road (even the non believers). Their own particular road is not worse or better than yours, don't compare them! (Be tolerant and don't envy others). Safety first, always use protection. Always check the oil before a ride. Help others, it doesn't matter if their Road goes in another direction. The Road gave you two eyes to look directly at him, don't do it through a screen. There are many types of beauty, don't waste the time you have been given pursuing what you see on TV. Never lie to get a woman (or man in case of women). Money has no value, only time has real value. Money is just a way to facilitate the exchange of time. Don't waste it, before buying something think how much time you give to get that money. The one who doesn't know buys the more expensive things (which he can buy), whereas he who knows buys only what he needs. Spend less money than you earn. Not only will you save money, but you will be saving time and gain freedom, which are way more important and valuable. Other older religions are good and are compatible with the Religion of The Road (their message is pretty much the same) as long as they stay away from human stupidity. The bigger road leads to a bigger place. You shouldn't pee into the wind, this doesn't mean you must follow the flow of the river' stream. If it doesn't kill the local people, it will not kill you... free yourself from your fears, and don't be a pussy! If you like it, stay. If you don't like it, leave. (Applies from work to parties, from towns or cities to countries). But please, don't stay to only complain, but you may stay to fix it. Follow the rules... which follow the road. Don't complain because it started to rain, give thanks to the Road because it didn't start earlier. If you don't know what comes next, slow down. When camping, take all your garbage, and take some more if there's any. Don't eat kilometers, eat human contact and knowledge. Don't make questions that you are not willing to answer. If there are animals next to the road, don't overtake. An important part of travelling is to get to know different cultures and interact with the people of the visited countries. A good follower of the Road will speak at least three tongues, at least two of them will be between the five most spoken in the planet. At 2015 these are: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French and Mandarin Chinese. It doesn't matter where you are, in all cultures courtesy is well appreciated. A good follower of the Road will learn to say in local tongue at least some basic words like: hello, goodbye, thanks and please. Remember: No one owns the road, the road owns us all. The road is with you, you will never be alone. May the Road be with you." copied from

Not a bad religion to follow :) Thanks for sharing it Moonchild!

Hi Kinga I'm one of your supporters in South Korea. I'm glad that you start from South Korea! Hope you have a safe travel! When are you trying to start your journey?? Maybe I can see you if it's lucky. Fingers crossed for you!

Hi Simon, I'm landing in Seoul on 11th April and I'll be staying in South Korea for 12 days. I'll be catching up with some friends along the way - you're welcome to join us for a ride :) Where are you from?

Charlie and I are doing pretty much the same trip as you but about a month behind. Still, we might see you on the road. I will keep my eye on your blog - ours is - haven't updated it to cover this trip, that's on my long list of To Do's. Janet

Hi Janet, that's awesome! I'm going to take my time so I may meet you somewhere on the way. The link to your website didn't work. Are you guys on social media?


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