Northern Adventure Riders Congregation 2016

The Adventure Rider Congregation is a non- profit event put together by Adventure Rider Magazine. This year the gathering was held in two different locations to cater for increased demand. The northern event was held near Tingha, NSW and the southern event will be held in November near Bright, VIC.

The congrigation is an awesome opportunity to hang out with like-minded ADV riders, hear their stories as well as check out their bikes and camping gear!

The event was held at Green Valley Farm which is near Tingha, a brilliant location that had everything we needed; plenty of green grass for the ‘real deal’ adventurers (accompanied by a couple of toilet blocks and hot showers) and cabins for the more 'precious' adventurers ;) and …drum roll please …. a fun park out back! I’m not talking a modern theme park, full of overpriced food, flashing lights and queues with wait times over half your day, but an old school, home grown and family owned fun park established in the 80's! It has quite a few activities and attractions; including  a museum, water slides, putt golf and even a mini roller coaster! 

So what’s there to do?

Plenty! First and foremost there was a lot of dirt to explore in the area and as it rained pretty heavily prior to our arrival, there was a lot for water to play in ...

Miles Davis did a training demonstration showing off his excellent skills,

Stuart Ball was sharing his stories from The Great Australian Ride,

Suzuki and  Husqvarna bikes were available for a test ride

If you just felt like putting your feet up, relaxing and catching up on Mag news you could also join Julie!

In the evenings we all gathered around the campfire, swapped stories and had plenty of laughs. On Saturday we had an award night - Graeme won two awards for the oldest ADV rider and the Highest k's ADV bike. 

The crash

We woke up to torrential rain which followed us home! Amy, Julie and myself made it to Sydney safe and sound.

Unfortunately my dear friend Graeme crashed on the way to Queensland. It was a very serious accident at high speed but he was very lucky he walked away with only a few bruises. His bike was severely damaged but somehow he managed to convince the insurer to keep it and fix it up! I have no doubt that you will Graeme and I’m so glad you’re ok, looking forward to our adventures once you've fully recovered. 


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