Tour De Oz - The End

End of Tour De Oz

“It’s over. I made it.” … these were the first thoughts that went through my mind as I stopped to set up a photo of my bike with the world famous Sydney Opera House in the background. And there I found myself suddenly filled with a mixed bag of emotions...

Firstly, I felt sad that it's over. Such a great adventure, so many incredible landscapes, terrains and people along the way.

But then I thought – I did it!

Riding solo around Australia has always been one of my dreams in life, and I realise how lucky I am to be able to have fulfilled this dream. Not everyone gets the chance to drop everything and go on an adventure, and what an adventure it has been!

All in all, I'd say that was smooth sailing: I've travelled 19,000 kms through countless terrain types, and have done it all without a flat tire, without a brake down, and only a couple of minor falls (on to nice, soft sand).

On a side note: while travelling around this spectacular and diverse country, I not only gained a greater appreciation for this wondrous continent, but also learnt a lot about myself. I've overcome some fears (mostly of writing!) and pushed my boundaries: not just figuratively either, I literally had to give it all to pick up my heavily loaded bike.

Last but not least, I feel much more experienced and comfortable riding (and camping) in extreme temperatures: from the high 40's down to 0, from 99% humidity down to bitter, frosty nights.

So it's there that this journey ends, but there'll be more to come: as I said, riding solo around Australia has always been one of my dreams … and I'm already planning the next adventure … so stay tuned and thank you for all your comments and support!



Tour de Oz

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Quick Facts:

Bike: 2013 BMW F800 GS

Duration: 58 days

Distance: c. 19,000 kms

Average: 330 kms/day

Max. no. kms in a day: 670 km

Fuel cost: c. $2900 AUD

Total accommodation costs: $ 1,050 AUD

Average accommodation per night: $18 AUD

Tour De Oz


Woohoooo!!! Go Kinga!!!! What an amazing amazing adventure you have done... Oh I can't wait to hear about the next one :) Big congratulations to you hun xxx

Hi just wondering where you mostly stayed on the trip to have the costs so low - and did you plan ahead, or stop as you felt like it ? Thanks Craig

Hi Craig, I camped 90% of the time. I often set up a tent at the rest stop on the side of the road or in the bush ... for FREE. Other options are National Parks $10-20 and caravan parks $15-30 for unpowerd sites. I also stayed at the backpackers few times for $50-70 (single room). I highly recommend you downloading app Wiki Camps - it's will save you $$$! You can travel around Australia without spending a cent on accommodation if you want to! All the best.

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