Week 5: Tour de Oz (Kalbarri & Pinacles)

Kalbarri National Park

On the way to Kalbarri the temperature dropped to a cool 30 degrees and riding became much more pleasant. You need at least a couple of days to explore this magnificent park with its gorges and seaside cliffs, but I had only half a day so I was limited to lookouts accessible by bike.

At the end of the day it poured down with rain and became very windy, so I gave up on camping at the beach as planned and crashed for the night in a caravan park in Kalbarri town.

The Pinnacles Desert

The pinnacles at Namburg National Park are a unique experience: for a moment there I felt like I was on another planet! The limestone pillars (up to 4m tall) rise up from the sand dunes to create a spectacular, unearthly landscape. And best of all, there’s driving tracks around them! Most of the tracks are firmly compacted but you do hit soft, loose sand every now and then – which for me ended up with a bit of a fall. But not to worry! I managed to pick my heavily loaded bike again, but it was hard work on the sand. Moments like this, I really wonder whether I really need to carry so much gear with me …

Next stop: exotic Perth! Well, maybe not exotic, but I did have to stop over for a tyre change!


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Tour De Oz

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