Week 6: Tour De Oz (Margaret River)

I’ve visited Perth a few times in the past, so this time I made it quick: a tyre change, a catch up with friends, and back on the road again! After leaving the ‘concrete jungle’ for the actual 'jungle jungle' I spun past two lovely little towns called Bunbury and Busselton. The Busselton Jetty is impressive – it goes for 1.8km and is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere!

And no, I didn’t walk it …

Margaret River

It was a brilliant ride through this famous wine region! But riding life can be cruel … I couldn’t really 'explore' it properly – which of course is via wine tasting (never drink and ride), but still, I made the most of it all through some select acquisitions: local cheese, crackers, olives, and few bottles of fine wine!

So as soon I got my goodies sorted I head off to Canebrake Pool which was only a 20 minute drive north from Margaret River (or so I was told by Tourist Information). Well, it isn’t so easy to find and I got lost somewhere in the forest.

After riding around for 2 hours on corrugated road (aaargh!) I was getting to the point where I said to myself: “if I won’t find this place in the next 10 minutes I’m just going to camp on the side of the road!” … but just then: I found it!

A terrific bush camping spot with a lovely looking picnic table to sleep on and a simply perfect natural pool to have a swim in and cool off before sleeping under the starts. It couldn’t have ended better that this, and I really felt lucky ...

The next morning, I realised how lucky I really was: the moment I packed up my gear it started pouring down – and the rain didn’t stop for three days. Annoying really, because the road had just become, scenic, winding, and most pleasntly, was not corrugated.

Where two oceans meet…

After my mixed adventures around the Margaret River, I went down south to Cape Leeuwin – the most south-westerly point of Australia, also known for being the place where the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet (them crazy hipsters). There is a café right next to the lighthouse, with scones and tea a must (especially on a rainy day).

Tour De Oz

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