Week 7: Tour De Oz (Lucky Bay - Heaven on Earth)

Heaven on Earth

There is a heaven on earth, and Le Grand National Park is its name.

For the first time during the second part of Tour de Oz, I stopped for two nights somewhere … and I didn’t want to leave! And even though the Lucky Bay camping ground was pretty crowded I didn’t mind one bit because I met some fantastic people.

Why is Lucky Bay so popular? Simple. It’s a magnificent beach with clear turquoise water, white sands, and every day you can meet kangaroos down by the water!

One unforgettable experience was hanging out with rescued kangaroos – and that included hugs, kisses and even putting my hand in a roo’s pouch! All under supervision, of course: thank you Dave the Ranger!

Another equally unforgettable experience was riding on the beach (and the most perfect beach you can imagine too) … during sunset! It was a truly epic moment for me, and this time thank you to Chris the Ranger who went all photographer and took some amazing pictures for me!

On the way out I swung by the Stonehenge, as you do. Well, a full size replica of the real thing anyway. I took a few pics while I was at it, and then went off towards hundreds of k’s of straight road …


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Tour De Oz


Hi Kinga from Wa. I've been over the top of Oz on my GS ADV 1200 Perth to Cooktown and while riding towards Kakadu NT stopped to check the pouch of a recently killed Kangarro as I often do and saved the Joey which survived in his mum's pouch. The wildlife in Australia is awesome. I once decided to sleep on a slab of rock rather than set up the tent and next morning a had massive Python cuddled up next to me. They are harmless :) I always carry a fleesey pillowcase to put any wildlife in that's orphaned after a vehicle strike and there's usually a wildlife carer in the next town to drop them off too. Love your trip blog your a natural! Iron Side Up..

James, you're the wildlife rescue superhero! Good on you :) And you really know how to rough it - that's experience with the snake had to be unreal. I'm too scared of them so I stick to the picnic tables - for some reason I've got this theory in mine mind that they won't be able to get me, hahaha ;)

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