Week 7: Tour De Oz (The Nullarbor)

The Nullarbor

The ride from Norseman (WA) to Ceduna (SA) took me through 90 Mile Straight (Australia’s longest straight road at 145.6km) and the Nullarbor Plain, which has the distinction of being the world’s biggest, flattest piece of limestone. It was a very, very long, very straight ride – pretty much without any bends for a total of 1200km.

But after riding though all the long stretches in the NT I was mentally ready for the Eyre Highway … it was just colder, windier and – surprisingly – the petrol was more expensive than the rest of the country! At $2.30 per litre, I felt slightly ripped off …

On a positive note - the accommodation was free, courtesy of another 5-star stay on a lovely picnic table, albeit the world's narrowest picnic table. I was really worried I will fall off during my sleep, but somehow managed to wake up off the ground!

The second night I spent at Nullarbor National Park, just past the WA/SA border where I crashed right next to some scenic cliffs (at a safe distance of course!).

Eyre Peninsula

Showers are overrated, as I again discovered after 3 days without one, but decided to conform and stop at a caravan park at Streaky Bay. Even though the whole place was packed with caravans, I found a lovely little spot right next to the beach – which turned out to be not so premium at night: the wind was blowing very fine sand through the mesh and into the tent.

Still, there's nothing like fresh oysters (which I proudly opened myself), sparkling wine, salad, and some local cheese to round off a 'more civilised' evening.

Second night on the Eyre Peninsula I spent at Lincoln National Park. The camp grounds are located on the beach, and a short ride to Port Lincoln – Australia’s biggest fishing port where a diverse range of seafood is produced, worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the state and local economies.

The next day I caught a ferry (which was a bit dear at $85) from Lucky Bay to Wallaroo. The 2h ferry ride saved me 350 km of riding, which left more time for the all important wine regions around Clare.

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Tour De Oz

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