Week 8: Tour De Oz (Snowy Mountains)

Kosciuszko National Park

Well, by this stage I can say that “I've been around the block” - well, if that block is the Australian continent, anyway. And if you were to ask my favourite ride, I'd say that it's the trip through the Snowy Mountains in Kosciuszko National Park.

For those who don’t know, Kosciuszko was a Polish General, and is something of a national hero back in Poland. So it was with excitement that I made my way to the Snowy Mountains, and hopped off my bike at the first sign for “Kosciuszko National Park” to take an obligatory picture.

I grabbed the camera out of the side-case and went about setting up the shot when I noticed my bike moving a little … then a lot … and before I could react / run over the stand collapsed and my bike was on its side!

In retrospect, I did get letter from BMW about a recall relating to the side-stand, so I've now scientifically proven that it is indeed faulty and in need of repair. I know my first priority when I get back home.

Long Plane Hut

After a long, but fun day of riding around this incredible region I headed off for the night to the historic cattlemen’s Long Plane Hut, a shelter used by travellers back in the day.

My first plan was to ‘make a bed’ on the veranda under the awing but after a bit of scouting I decided to set up my tent … just in case some wild animals or something live in the hut. Sounds funny, maybe, but turned out to be a very good idea … the temperatures dropped down to -5°C at night!

I have a very warm sleeping bag and some good thermals … but it was cold! The morning was misty, frosty, and the bike wouldn’t start! Once the temperature was back up to 0°C I gave it another shot and this time she started up just fine.

The whole experience was a little bit on the extreme side, but it was a great adventure and a super end to the last leg of my trip.

Next stop: home ...

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Tour De Oz

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