About 'On Her Bike'

My name is Kinga Tanajewska and this site, est. Feb 2013, is a blog of my adventures - on my bike!

About me

I was born in 1981 in what was then Communist Poland, just before the start of Martial law.

My home town is Suwalki, located in the North-East region famous for its grand, serene lakes.

I was a bit of a hippy in my teens, with a passion for Blues music …

... and motorcycles!

Back in the 90’s the Polish motorcycle community was very small but I still got the chance to meet some fantastic people who shared the same passion for bikes, and for going on weekend camping trips, to rallies and Blues gigs!

My dream came true when I graduated from high school: my parents bought me my first bike – a Honda CB450 Nighthawk. Life was never the same again.

Throughout the years my taste in bikes has changed: from choppers to nakeds, then from nakeds to sport bikes … and my taste for travelling and exploring was ever growing …


After finishing my Engineering degree in Poland I immigrated to Australia ...

After a couple of years of living in the hustle and bustle of Sydney, working odd jobs, I finally saved up for a bike … a Yamaha FZ6 to be specific …

… and finally found a job in the construction industry!

Finally, Australia started to feel like home...


A few years after that, I started thinking that I need to get out of the city more and, if I really wanted to explore this amazing country, I need to be able to ride on dirt – so I purchased a BMW F800GS and I was an instant convert!

When the opportunity for a work transfer came along I used it to finally make one of my dreams come true: a solo ride around Australia! Calling it ‘Tour De Oz’ and raising money for The Shepherd Centre along the way, I took on the eastern and northern parts of this great continent in the first leg of the journey. Riding on the remote roads, through the eclectic, surreal landscapes, was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I absolutely fell in love with the outback.

Check out the Part 1 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq9lKP81JME

I was transferred to the north west of WA and worked in the mines around the Pilbara Region – or Iron Ore Country as it’s called.

A year later I took off again to finish Tour De Oz, this time exploring the magnificent western and southern parts of Australia

Check out the Part 2 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8koPgfiUo8

… then headed back up north and home to Sydney!



In September 2015, my beloved GS was written off after a head-on collision ...


but luckily for me I got away with just a couple of fractures ...


A few months later, with support of BMW Motorrad, I purchased a new BMW F800GS. She's a cheery soul, and I've named her Chillie!


Chillie and I are the best of friends. Any free moment, any chance, and we'll hit the road!


That's it. That's me folks. Stay tuned for my latest adventures!


Kinga Tanajewska